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My first post in a millennium

How long has it been since I’ve actually posted something on here? Two? Three years?

Anyway, I just want to let you guys know (if you still remember me) that I’m still doing everything in my power to get back online.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently enrolled at Central Georgia Technical College. I’m trying to learn to be a computer programmer. I’m looking everywhere I can for a job. I haven’t had much luck, but I will not give up!

I will return!

And when I do, I’ll learn everything I can about art!

I remember the last time I was on here.

I was a dick. I tried to get something from nothing by going on about my shitty childhood. But no more of that! I’ve learned my lesson, and I’m much better off for it.

I’m going to redeem myself. I know I will!

So I’ll keep working and working until I can come back.

I guess that’s all for now. Later.



come one come all

watch as I slowly drift out of the fandom and into the stratosphere

Ah yes many reasons

Fools one and all, these humans…

1000 years of captivity…

This is the first post I’ve been able to send for ages, now. Since last time, I’ve graduated from Howard, and soon I’ll be going to Central Georgia Technical College. It will still be ages before I can get my internet back. But I’ll return soon.

I will return…

I love my church.

One of the guys at my church helped us pay our power bill, yesterday!

It was the best gift a friend could ask for!

I know I’ll be able to return home soon! I just know it!

e2020 is go again!

And I’m listening to Guile’s theme while taking a test! FUCK YEAH!

Supposed to be doing e2020 right now…

But I can’t. Because I need a teacher to check my progress, and there’s not one in sight who can do so. So yeah… What’s up here on the internet?

Here at the public library…

…and I’ve realized something very interesting about my family’s new laptop. Apparently, whoever had it last thought it would be a fantastic idea to download A SHIT TON OF TOOLBARS. Seriously! My laptop is now moving about as fast as a snail that’s been covered in superglue! I tried getting on e2020 (got a LOT of work to do) and the damn computer can barely handle it! If I ever find the FUCKTARD who decided to murder my computer, he’s going to have a little chat with a 2x4.

Sorry to rage at you guys. I’m sick and I need some way to vent other than going Super Saiyan 3 in a library. In other news, I think I’ve finally got a shot at going to graduation (3 weeks away! Squee!) and I’ve got my grades almost completely caught up! The guys at Nu-Way aren’t hiring at the moment, but now that my application is on file, they have me to call on if they ever need someone to help out.

Once more, I miss all of you guys, and can’t wait to catch up with what’s been going down. Ciao!

Why would anyone need that many toolbars?

A brief hello

Aha! I’ve managed to slip past the school’s blocking system! It’s time I let you all know what’s been going down since I disappeared… how long ago was it now? Anywho, I’ve lost my internet, of course. But I have a computer! And I’ve been practicing a ton of drawing, writing, and whatnot (I’ve even started overcoming my crippling fear of drawing in color)! I’ve improved a lot! Also, I’ve come up with a new direction for this blog, and I think you’ll like what I’ve got planned! Ever heard of the Legacy of Kain series? It’s like that.

But with ponies.

I’ve been trying my hoof at working out a bit, too. And (if I can gather the nerve to do so) I’ve been considering getting a job at the local Nu-Way. Who knows? Maybe I could put the money from Nu-Way towards regaining my internet!

I can’t wait to get back on here and show you what I’ve learned! I miss all of you, even if you don’t remember me.

I don’t have much time, now. I’ll change the name of the blog if I ever get my internet back. No. When I get my internet back.

In the meantime, stay awesome! ;)

Leaving for a while. Again.

Well, I’m going to be offline for a while again. We’re going to have to trade in our computers (i.e. this notebook and my old laptop) for one that works.

Also, we’re switching internet providers, so this is going to be the last time I’m online for a while (unless I hike to the library).

So yeah. I’ll be taking a short break. And if all goes as planned, I MIGHT be able to post something.

Goodbye for now.